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  DANUBA, svetovanje za življenje


I live and work in Slovenia, a small country, that is ideal for a calm, relaxed way of life and in-depth research. I am a person, interested in spirituality and personal growth. I am a clairvoyant counsellor, who helps anyone, that needs my help. I believe we are all guided by a master plan, hidden behind the everyday, apparent life. That is why I wish to show people a different, better side of life. I know it is possible to observe every problem from various angles. It is therefore important to become aware of the aspect, we observe our challenges from.

When you see things in a completely new way, it’s like you’ve received a gift. Your life changes and you start to create new, better situations.


I belive that each problem has its own solution!

So I know that you can solve your problem too. I will help you, guide you through the process. I am a life coach and I helped more than 1000 of people.

Yes at the begining I did all possible mistakes. But now I know how to support you along the way. I understand the light and the dark and I know they both have an important part in our lives.

I am a mother of two doughters (24 and 20), a wife, a sister and a friend.

Do you also need friends in your life? They are important part of my life too, that's why I want to be your friend.


Once you quite the chatter of your mind, you can hear your higher self and its guidance. I really love to meditate and I would like to show you how to do the same. If you want to try write me on [email protected]


My new e-book is called Goddess, do you know your power? It is about my life, about the tools which helped me a lot, it's also about some slovene women who helped themselfs and how angels helped me with my children and the weather. I really believe it isn't necessary to suffer. I believe we can be happy , healthy and in love with life. I wrote this book together with many strong women, so that we can tell you that you are not alone .

You can order your e-book [email protected]


Yes I have workshops all over Slovenia. I work mostly online so I can work with you also. I love workshops for better relationships, for healthy life and spirituality. Do you have a group of people (friends) and you would like to know 3 steps for inner peace or to know how to communicate with your angels, your higher self or even with your loved ones who crossed over? Write me here [email protected] and I will tell you when could we work together.


Individual session is something I would call first aid. When you have a certain issue and we can work together for 90 min.




You can contact me on [email protected] or fb site  Barbara Pust Velikanje Privat

About my new book Goddess, do you know your power?

I really believe it isn't necessary to suffer. I believe we can be happy, healthy and in love with life. And I believe each can find their own happiness.

That is why I wrote this book – together with many strong women. So that we can tell you that you are not alone, that there is something more, that there is a solution to every problem. And you can do it. Let the stories of many remind you everything is possible.

Just look up, look within and ask for all the support you can get!

Ask and you shall receive!


Keep the book close to you. You can hold it in your hands. You can keep it by the bed. Connect with its energy in your mind. Give it a purpose – and it shall fulfil it. It shall help you.

But it shall also help others, by connecting to all the Goddesses that need that. Therefore I will clean your copy of the book monthly so that it will be able to do its job.

If you find yourself in a dark hole, open the random on a random page. Read it and find out how you can help yourself, how you can be helped.

This book will always support you.

You can order your e-book on [email protected]

Price: 17,88 eur

Healthy Relationships

Without knowing what do you feel and why do you feel that now, you can't have healthy relatioships.

Without a proper communication, you can't tell others what do you really want.

Without knowing yourself and your wishes, you can't do it.

Without the right decision and making your first step you can't change your relationships.

In order to have harmonious relationships you must first know:

  • what a certain emotion or situation tells you
  • how to know the hidden message and how to explain it
  • how to know who is right: you or the other person
  • how to feel good in a relationship in all situations
  • how to rise your vibe in order to save your relationship

If you want to know more, click here https:// font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar. December ( Decemberček)

Did you know that each day in December support specific part of your body, your organs, for excample 24.12. is a perfect day to release everything about your head, eyes, nose and brain. You can let go also all your anger from your liver.

🍄This workshop is just for you if,

your are tired of telling people how is ok to behave,

have enough of non successful manifestations,

don't like to feel bad anymore,

don't want to feel fear because of your health,

a lack of abundance doesn't resonate with you anymore,

or fear because of that.ce to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

🎄Why do you need that?

If you want to go further in your life and live whatever you want, you must first release 'the old'. Without that step you can't be successfull!!!

You need to let go 'the old' in your life on all levels, not just on one: body, soul, emotions and mind.

To experience how to be persistent (with me and our group you can do this).

To release all your frozen emotions that stood in your way.

You must learn how to focus your energy.

You need to fill your body with new energy in order not to burn out.

To creat really a great year. Life can really supprise you.

Maybe you just want to transit a little bit different to a new year.

🔔What do you get?

Each day I will send you

- a tape for transformation of your body, mind and emotions (for the first part)

- a tape for energy boost of your body, focusing and action (for the second part in January)

You will get a tape with access c. questions to open all the doors.

My support, 24 h.

Messages from your spirit guides.

1 x week we will meet on zoom, skype or fb live.

Closed fb group.

You can use this knowledge every year, again and again to creat magic.

❤️ We will be together from 1. 1. - 31.1.

Let go the old in order to embrace the new!

Your price is 39,90 eur.

Enroll here: [email protected]


Do you think about starting your own bussines?

You don't know how and where to start?

Do you have fears about that?

Do you doubt your decisions?

Do you wonder if this is really good for you?

Or maybe you already have your bussines and you need some more informations?

I believe every problem has it's solution!

I am a bussines woman for 10 years now. I know how it feels when doubts come and you don't have assurance that this will be ok.

I will share my story with you.

I will show you how to know if you are on the right path or not.

We will talk about your values and how they influence your success.

I will tell you also what is decisive for your success.

And I will choose one person who will get a gift!

We will start on Thursday, 23.11. at 7. pm, online (zoom).

You can enroll now: [email protected]

This free webinar will be in slovene language. But if you would like to listen also in english, I will prepare this later.


What do you think about abundance? Are you worthy? Are you worthy to have realy great relationships, health, partner and money?

You think you are. But if you don't have that already, there is still some rebel in you.

I would really like to help you!

If you need a better relationships, better health, more money, new love or just to learn how to enjoy life more and you know there is more than just material world, this is the right workshop for you.

What if I can show you how to open your mind and heart to receive more on all levels and how to release some big negative thoughts? To be more?

You tell me what is your issue and I will tell you what is behind the scene!

The truth is everything is so simple and easy. You can do it!

What will you get?

1. week

learn some clearing techniques

2. week

how the abundance techniques work

3. week

how to work with spiritual guides for abundance and you will know who supports you

4. week

Individual approach and your questions

and a lot of homework!

If you want to join SLOVENE group, read more here:

I am here for you also if you want to work with me in ENGLISH.

We will start on Wednesday, 8.11. at (european time)

We will meet 1x week on zoom.

Your payment for 30 days of Abundance is:

187,00 eur (for one payment)

200,00 eur (for paymant in two parts: 2 x 100,00 eur)

BONUS: you will get one crystal for abundance activated just for you! And you will have my support for the whole month.

You can enroll here: [email protected]



What if you would see behind the sceen?

What if you would see behind your relationships?

What if you would get concrete technique which could help you change your issue in the specific relationship?

What if you could really understand what is going on?

Maybe it's your relationship with your partner, your parents, your cooworker or your kids.

Your path will be clearer when you will see the truth.

It will be easier when you will see behind the curtain.

And when you will have this concrete tool in your hand you will become a master of your life and your relationships.

I can talk about that because I was there. I was a mess that's why I did some stupid things. And that's all because I felt so powerless. I didn't have the right knowledge and I couldn't help myself and others.

All I could do was to compere myself with others. That's why I felt so bad all the time.

My selfestime was really at the bottom. But at the same time I felt other people so much, so I was really confused. I didn't know what is mine and what is not. I almost lost myself.

But that's how I learned. I wouldn't be here where I am now if I wouldn't experienced all of that.

I will help you transform your concrete releationship and give you knowledge how to help yourself even in the future.

I will tell you more about your spirit guides of relationships.

And I will show you how to see behind the curtain.

If this resonate with you and you want to join me in this workshop Intuitive communication in relationships,

which will be on 10.10. at 7 pm (european time), on zoom, english language, you can enroll here: [email protected]

Price: 45,00 eur

You can also work with me 1: 1 in this program:

Everything Is Figureoutable!!!


Dear Woman,

Are you someone who is sensitive to energy and takes on the feelings of others?

Maybe you are just tired or without energy and you don't know why?

Maybe you just work with so many people or you are a masseur?

You are porbably just highly intuitive women who is overwhelmed and drained from absorbing all the negative energy around you and from your clients.

Because you are bombarded by so much noise all day long and you want to help everyone, you’re often not paying attention to that still, quiet voice within.

That’s why I created this online workshop — to give you the tools to clean your energy and develop your natural intuitive abilities, trust the messages you receive, and tune out all the noise so you can calm your mind and live a heart led life.

"Intuition is really the language of the soul."

James Van Praagh

What is your soul telling you right now? What's the difference between a wish in your head and a wish in your heart? Do you know where your wish come from? Is it really your wish?

I was learning from my life from my issues. And I know exactly how you feel. I was there. I was confused, I doubted a lot, very shy and afraid of everything. I dind't know what was really me, I felt other people so much, I noticed everything, every change of others and thought this is because they don't like me. I thought I was alone, that nobody loves me, I am wired and stupid.

It's time to step out of that illusion and embrace all of you. Because you are worthy.

You will learn about:

- tools which will help you clean your body and aura

- how to free yourself from a negative thoughts

- how to communicate with your higer self

- how to communicate with your personal spirit guides

SPECIAL BONUS if you enroll till 17.9.

you will get my message from your spirit guide for one area of your life.

We will start on Wednesday, 27. 9. at. 7 pm (europe time zone), on zoom.

The price for the workshop is 30,00 eur.

You can enroll here: [email protected]

If you want to read more about me and my work click here:

I believe we are never alone. We have our spiritual guidens by our site.